Saturday, January 14, 2012

My first post and my favorite things...

Today I created my first blog. I've been reading blogs for awhile and have wanted to give it a try.
What I want to achieve with my blog, is to share some of my favorite things and also connect with some new friends.

So first, I will share some of my favorite things...
First my hot water pot. I love it because it makes hot water for tea and does it really quick.
Second, my little teacup. My friend Patti gave it to me for my birthday. I love it because it has a lid and I can steep my tea. I have several mugs that have lids, and I have used those too, but this little cup is just the right size for a spot of tea.

Then last, my newest display. During Christmas break I spent a week with my Mum in Oklahoma. We spent the whole week going from thrift store to antique shop and I found my cross in one of them. The frame, was a gift from my maternal grandmother years ago. I've carefully packed and moved it many times not knowing how I would ever use it. Now it has a home.

Well there you go, my first blog entry. I hope you have enjoyed my little favorite things. Hopefully I will find other things to write about, and hopefully I'll get better at it.

Tabby :o)

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