Saturday, January 21, 2012

New medicine...

So for awhile I've had various things going on. Facial hair, not just a mustache but a beard and soul patch. I talked to my gyno and said I thought I was ready to start a new medicine, she did tests and said "no, you're not."

I went on my way for another few years, more hair, hot flashes, night sweats the gammut.

Then more recently new symptoms...

For no reason, crying. Crying in the car, crying in the tub, crying in church. Everyone asking "are you ok?" Then flashes of rage, anger so intense I could kill something. When I had a calm moment and looked back over it all, I didn't recognize myself anymore.

Seriously, I was just a different person.

I couldn't even talk about it. I would just start crying. What a nightmare.

My mum told me she recognized the symptoms and it was time for a visit with the doctor again.

So this week my doctor and I had a long talk. The decision was made to try a low dose hormone and see how I do.

All I have to say about that is, I sure hope it changes things and hopefully for the better.

Pretty high hopes for such a small pill don't ya think? 

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